The MTV Vault: “Life of Ryan”

The MTV Vault has unleashed more beautiful hours of cinema than Disney’s spunk could ever dream of. From mothers who had ill-advised, unprotected sex to teenage professional partiers, the network has become a launching pad for anywhere from one-to-57 undeservedly very rich people.

Ryan Sheckler is not necessarily one of those folks, but his reality TV career as about as glorious and self-obsessed. (Whose dad says, “Bro!” and “Sick kick flip, Ry!” to their son, anyway? Answer: this guy.)

The show lasted three seasons (well, two and a half), and it featured Shecks buying his friends a whole bunch of things while they destroyed his house(s) and giving his dad a reason to hang around teenage girls for an unlimited amount of time.

“Nobody’s going to tell me how to spend my money,” he said in Season 3, Episode 4. “I want that Escalade.”

That’s the tagline. Basically.

*You can still watch all episodes of Life of Ryan On-Demand at MTV’s websites, and be transported back to a time known as 2009, when Twitter still wasn’t a thing. (Yea, three years is a long time.)

In case you’ve never heard this outside of the standard, 30-second intro, here’s the theme song, “Oh! Gravity” by Switchfoot.

There’s also this gorgeous spot for The Tooth Fairy, where Sheckler plays Dwayne Johnson’s tweet-sized nemesis. (It’s like Slap Shot meets Goon meets The Santa Clause.)

Oh, and Shecks has become an Instagram star, as well. He lives the life. It’s all self-earned. But, his body is so tattoed, his skin looks like an Ed Hardy t-shirt.