The Javier Bardem Interview: Gentleman’s Quarterly Hits the Spot Again

For all its superficiality, GQ still has this uncanny ability to pick the right subjects, and the right actors. The right actresses. Granted, they get movies wrong, but their profiles are spot-on. Almost pristine.

It’s almost like Esquire never got shi*ty.

Remember when Gay Talese turned the editorial world on its head with the greatest magazine article of all-time, 1966’s “Frank Sinatra has a cold”. That was a different era, but Talese’s article has very conscious of that transition. It was aware that is existed between two eras, two generations, when toupees were giving way to long-haired mousse.

GQ has continued that tradition to this day, and their just released profile of the coolest man in Hollywood – Javier Bardem – is yet another example in a continuing assembly line of proficiency.

Bardem has been one of the city’s best for a long time. No Country For Old Men, and Biutiful, and even Eat, Pray, Love. No matter the role, he’s perfect. That’s why we can’t wait for Skyfall.

That’s why we still read GQ.

There will always be a place in this world – be it in print, on glossy print, or online – for high-quality content that stands on its own two feet. Everyone else should take notice.