The Incredible 100-Foot Wave Ridden by Garrett McNamara


by Tommy Nosedive

Xtreme Sports Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Most people are just in love with Garrett McNamara. I mean, it’s take a lot to get plain-ol’ normal folk to understand why surfing is so beautiful or amazing. It’s so much more than Jeeps along North Shore highways and the Billabong logo. It’s the turns. It’s the board. There are points and scores given out that we know so little about.

So, when they see McNamara — a Son of Hawaii — breaking his own record by riding this 100 foot wave off the coast of Nazare, Portugal, they fawn over the guy.


Well, I fall in love with the wave. And, with Nazare, Portugal… the same location McNamara rode his 90-footer last year, too.

100 feet of powder blue?

That’s gorgeous, man.


Garrett McNamara - 100 Foot Wave in Portugal
(Photo “courtesy” of
Garrett McNamara Rides 100 Foot Wave in Nazare
(Photo “courtesy” of The Australian)
Garrett McNamara from Facebook
(Photo “courtesy” of Garrett McNamara’s Facebook Page)