The Gap-Toothed, Beautiful Audacity of the New Calvin Klein #PushIt Ad

Have you seen this ad? It’s been out for about a week, relentlessly promoted on YouTube at the beginning of all the videos you really want to watch on the world’s second largest search engine. You may have even watched it for 10 seconds or so once, briefly ignoring the “Skip this ad” button at the video’s footer.

It’s a Calvin Klein spot, featuring a model with a very noticeable gap in the front of her grill dancing in a black bra with a couple formidably large tits as the song “Push It” plays on.

Your initial reaction is to go, “Oh, Jesus, those teeth.” But, then, you realize it was done on purpose by Calvin Klein, maybe out of some desire to bring back the Bardot look or maybe out of some desire to make us wonder whether they did it on purpose or not (and, here we are).

Of course, people have commented, and those are the top comments, because if the Internet has taught us one thing, it’s that people think their thoughts are original and unique to themselves and that they were the first who thought them.

“The only thing YOU need to push is your teeth!” says gamemasterthirdDS.

“Geez, even Calvin Klein doesn’t offer a dental plan!” says NewKreature517.

Ahh yes, because the only thing losers like more than the power of Internet Anonymity is the Exclamation Mark. (NOTE: If you’re a writer – a real writer – avoid the Exclamation Mark at almost all costs.)

The girl’s name is Lara Stone, and she has feelings. And, now, a lot of attention, too. Learn more at, or search #PushIt.

Yea, we went there.