The Entire World (and Snoop Dogg) Loves “FIFA 13”

People apparently like FIFA 13. And, if you didn’t know that, the folks at EA Sports have gladly reminded you.


The game came out on Tuesday in North America, today (Friday) in Europe, and yesterday in Oz. Without having played it, one can guess it’s yet another excellent version of EA’s most-consisently-excellent sports series.

Lately, NHL has been its pride and joy. Madden is its past (“No game is under the gun year in year out as much as Madden,” says Ryan Fleming of Digital Trends). But, all along, FIFA has quietly been just the best thing EA Sports could ever offer. A perfect mix of Europop and Blues Guitar, set to a game featuring hundreds of clubs and players from around the world. For trendy North Americans who spend too much time trying to pretend they’re into soccer, the FIFA series makes it very, very easy.

It won the “Best of Critics” Award at E3 2012. Lionel Messi is a sponsor. Hell, Snoop Dogg is a sponsor.

“When his handlers went to the closest store to buy another copy, Madden wasn’t available,” said ESPN’s Zach McCann, chronicling Snoop Dogg’s first experience with the game while on tour in Europe. It’s an excellent story by McCann. Read the whole thing.

“Snoop’s boys grabbed FIFA off the video game rack to tide them over until they could find a copy of Madden… But Snoop didn’t end up needing it on that trip.”

“We ended up falling in love with it,” the rap star said. “While we were playing the game, we were also learning about the game and started watching some games on TV. And, it was the biggest sport in the part of the world we were in, so I just loved it.”


FIFA 13. What’s your verdict?