The Dallas Cowboys Are Worth $2.1 Billion. The Los Angeles Dodgers Are Not.

Only one team has ever been bought for $2 billion, and it’s not the Dallas Cowboys. But, only one team is worth $2 billion, and it is the Dallas Cowboys.

Forbes, on Wednesday, unveiled its ranking of NFL teams, and Jerry Jones’s propaganda machine is the league’s first-ever double-barreled franchise. (Let’s just say ‘double-barreled’ means ‘double-billioned’.)

Actually, they’re worth $2.1 billion, says Forbes.

That’s apparently a conservative estimate. Hey, spurs pay.

Rounding out the top three is New England at $1.63 billion and Washington at $1.6 billion.

So, you know when everyone was saying, “Hey, why did Magic Johnson buy the Dodgers for $2 billion? They’re not worth $2 billion, are they?” They were right. (Forbes, last year, has the Dodge at $1.4 billion.)

But, hey, everyone loves Jerry Jones, right?