The C Words: Chicago. Corrado, Frankie. Canucks.


by Puck

Hockey Correspondent and Occasional Shakespeare Character, White Cover Magazine


On Monday night, the Vancouver Canucks throttled the Chicago Blackhawks. Like, they controlled the game for the first time in a long time — since, perhaps, their win over the Los Angeles Kings almost two months ago — and they shockingly did it against the best team in the NHL.

Daniel Sedin scored a beauty, just before he was tomahawked over the back by the always-noble Duncan Keith. Jannik Hansen was more Ryan Kesler than Ryan Kesler, and Cory Schneider was nearly perfect. (Although, I’d really like to ask every mouth-breather in Greater Vancouver to stop comparing Zack Kassian to Todd Bertuzzi. Not only is it just a little exaggerated  but we don’t want him cuffing anyone from behind now, do we?)

And then there was Frankie Corrado, who is another one in a surprising crop of youth-oriented talent overtaking the bottom half of the Vancouver Canucks’ depth chart.

(And, yes, they’re comparing Corrado to fellow Canuck Chris Tanev. Because, like, why the fu*k not, right?)


*Enjoy the following two video profiles of Corrado, and especially enjoy how Canucks TV host Joey Kenward definitely emphasizes every single consonant, too… ProFeSSioNal DeBut.


“The party was at grandma’s house,” begins the right-away ready post-game recap by the Vancouver Sun.

“If Frankie Corrado had been there Monday night he could have played his guitar. But he was busy playing his first National Hockey League game for the Vancouver Canucks. He’ll remember it. Maybe so will Chicago Blackhawk star Patrick Kane, who was flattened by Corrado on the rookie’s second shift.

“‘At that point I was just trying to make a hit,’ the 20-year-old said. ‘Everyone’s a great player, so every hit matters. It was unbelievable. Obviously, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. Shockingly, the nerves weren’t what I thought they would be and I was able to keep it simple and play my game.'”