The Brady 6: ESPN Looks Back on Tom’s Overlooked Rise to Greatness

Believe it or not, Tom Brady was once an emotional kid who didn’t know if he’d be drafted, if he’d play meaningful college ball, if he’d start over any one of the members making up the rotating carousel of QBs at Michigan, or if he’d ever be Tom Brady.

It’s a little surreal to see a Tom Brady who nobody believed in, before he won three Super Bowls in four years and multiple MVPs. Before he was the next one, he was skipped over by 32 NFL teams. Even the New England Patriots – who eventually drafted him – let him go until the sixth round, until the 199th overall pick.

These are things you already know, but remember… six quarterbacks were drafted in front of Tom Brady. SIX.

A few peculiar moments in the above video:

1) Brady crying when he tells of how his parents supported him, and how they “went for a walk” around his San Mateo neighbourhood when he slipped lower and lower in the draft.

2) Giovanni Carmazzi declined to be interviewed, doesn’t own a TV, lives on a ranch, and owns sheep. Bah-h-h-h-h.

3) Steve Mariucci admits that, if he had drafted Brady, he’d still have a job.

At last year’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis, Mooch offered this: “I kill myself every day about that – not having him… And I’ve mentioned that – if he was with the 49ers, I’d probably still be coaching. We’d be talking about other things right now.”

(*Brady’s hometown of San Mateo is nearby San Fran, and Tom Tom grew up a lifelong Joe Montana fan. He was at the NFC Championship in 1982, when Dwight Clark made The Catch to beat the Cowboys, and his father and him had season’s tickets to Candlestick Park.)

4) Brady’s draft profile says he can’t throw deep, can’t move in the pocket, and doesn’t have an elite build. Ironically, Brady’s lanky but powerful frame is perfect for quarterback. Honestly, you say you couldn’t see it in him? You’ve been doing this your entire life. How could nobody have seen it?

Just look at this video, from the 2000 Orange Bowl, when Brady’s Wolverines beat the Alabama Crimson Tide. HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE IT!?

5) Brady still plays with a chip on his shoulder, according to everyone in the video. No wonder he’s still going. He’s the guy from the gangster movie who says, “If you tell me where he is, I won’t kill you.” And then, after the guy tells him where whoever he’s looking for is, he kills him.