The AFC North: Where Do We Go From Here?

The Pittsburgh Steelers needed a win. They didn’t get it. Nope, they fell flat in overtime — right in the middle of the Dallas Cowboys obnoxious centre-field Lonestar logo while Jerry Jones smiled and grinned like the evil, overrated pirate he’s always been.

The Baltimore Ravens sure would have liked a win. They could have one-upped everyone in their way and taken control of the AFC North with just two weeks to go. 10-4 and two games up? It’s a done deal, son.

But, nope. The Denver Broncos slammed, whammed, and spanked them around. Like an overgrown kid playing with a teddy bear that you can just barely see the stuffing popping out of.

And, there’s the Cincinnati Bengals. Of all three teams, Tigger need a victory on Sunday. It wouldn’t advance them in the standings, but it’s like they’ve been hanging on for dear life since 1990. They’ve got some swagger, but they can’t compete with Pittsburgh’s past or Baltimore’s present.

At least, we thought that way… because Cincinnati got it. They got their win. They have that so-coveted second place.

They’re one game back of the Ravens with two weeks to play. For the brink of extinction to the top of the food chain. Well, no, just close to the feast. They have a perimeter seat to the watering hole.

Cincinnati is 8-6.

Baltimore is 9-5.

Pittsburgh is 7-7. Back to .500. Back to it’s out of our hands.

Next week, Pittsburgh faces Cincinnati. It will either seal one team’s fate or toss them both into another cloud of confusion. The Steelers wrap things up against regional doormat Cleveland, while Cincy takes on Baltimore in Week 17.

Meanwhile, the Ravens get another suddenly desperate team — the defending champion New York Giants — in Week 16.

If they can win that, and if the Bengals can beat the Steelers… things will get exciting in the AFC North. For, like, the first time ever.