That’s So Raven: Joe Flacco, The $120 Million Man

Joe Flacco and Ray Lewis - Baltimore Ravens Instagram
(Photo “courtesy” of Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) on Instagram)


by Chesapeake Charlie

Annapolis Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


“Is He Worth It?”

That was the basic sentiment re-packaged in various forms on ESPN’s homepage. “Worth $120.6M?” That was another. “Vote: Worth It?” There you go. They were, of course, talking about the Baltimore Ravens new mortgage, quarterback Joe Flacco, who signed a six-year contract for just over $20 million a year.

So, is he worth it? The obvious and completely correct answer is, No.

It’s no offense to Flacco. F*ck, if I was offered that to chuck what I could to Anquan Boldin, I’d do it, too, and I’d know I could never huck it more than 30 yards. Flacco can do that, and he’s a Super Bowl MVP.

But, the world of professional sports — the What have you done for me lately? world — Joe Flacco has buried himself in a rhyme of expectation he will never live up to. Nobody can live up to this.



The highest-paid player in NFL history is Baltimore’s Joe Flacco.

Think about that. This guy was almost too monotone to say I’m going to Disneyland. Flacco is boring and so predictably outside-the-box. He can’t throw darts like Brady or Manning ever have, but he still scrambles with caution.

Blown coverage in Denver gave him his first win of this last postseason. A toothless Patriots team gave him his second. Jacoby Jones’s kickoff return for a touchdown guaranteed him a by-the-skin-of-his-teeth win in Super Bowl 47.

Flacco is a good quarterback. He’s a great quarterback for Baltimore.

But, he’s not $20 Million Good.

Even if he wins two more Super Bowls — which would tie him with Brady and put him only one behind guys like Montana and Bradshaw — he wouldn’t be worth what he’ll be paid for 60 per cent of a decade.

This never works.

Bobby Holik and Rick DiPietro can attest to that. Hell, the latter of those two even joked about committing suicide last week, but then admitted that the Islanders indeed “ripped my heart out”.

Yeah, sounds like that 15-year contract is working wonders

If Joe Flacco defends his title and somehow wills the Ravens to another miracle Super Bowl in 2014, it will be worth the weight for Baltimore. At least, it will be worth the weight for one year.

At $20 million a year — as the highest-paid player in NFL history for each of the next six years — Flacco has to repeat all the time. He can never have an off year. He can never throw more interceptions than touchdowns in a playoff game. He’ll never have the defence he had this year.

And, hey, if he was smart, he’d give half his dough to John Harbaugh. He was the real MVP of last year’s championship team. (And, actually, Jim Harbaugh was, too.)