Sticking It To Cancer

This article was presented for Scott Trapp's Stick It To Cancer UBC Memorial Hockey Tournament

by Kolby Solinsky

White Cover Magazine

It was all mostly familiar – the setting, the scene, the atmosphere. And the cause. But it was an extraordinary Saturday, yet again, for ‘Stick It To Cancer‘ and the Canadian Cancer Society.

It was the event’s 5th annual, a ball hockey fundraiser in memoriam of Scott Trapp – a member of UBC’s Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity (which is commonly shorthanded to DKE or Deke, fittingly for the sport).

Trapp passed away in 2015, losing his battle to cancer, and the tournament was rebranded in his name.

“The tournament’s in honour of Brother Scott,” said Kieran O’Connor, a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon who helped organizer Stick It to Cancer. “He pledged in 2013 and he really represented the three qualities of a ‘Deke’ – gentleman, scholar, and a jolly good fellow. We really want to represent him well here at the event.

“Scott was a guy where he’d walk around all throughout campus. People would always stop and say, Hi. He really touched the lives of many.”

Not only is ‘Stick It’ the largest fundraiser on UBC’s campus, said O’Connor, but it’s also the largest private annual fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.

In Stick It To Cancer’s first four years, the event raised a total topping $75,000. This year, it was hoping to raise $40,000 more. (Final figures are expected to come soon, but organizer Alex Torres posted on Facebook that Saturday’s event brought in at least $30,000.)

That brings Stick It To Cancer’s five-year total to over $100,000, according to Torres (in the video below).

“It’s cancer. It’s something that’s affected all of us, young or old,” Torres says. “And it’s something that we definitely want to defeat.”

“Our goal with this tournament is to have a lot of community involvement,” continues Ryan Leggett, a team registration chair, in the video below. “It’s pretty special for us to be able to see how a small group of people can really have such a huge impact on a problem that really affects us all.

“He (Trapp) was such a positive figure in so many peoples’ lives.”

While Stick It To Cancer’s road hockey tournament seems at first like a one-weekend deal, O’Connor expects the event’s momentum to last for the year, and anyone who wants to donate can still do so on

“A lot of money really trickles in after the event and people are still welcome to donate,” he said.

“We have a couple events on the way to the event…We really start working on the event around the New Year. It’s not just a one-month thing. We work on it all throughout the second semester of school.”

And it’s a labour of love, of course.

“Our fraternity’s really big into hockey. People like to play hockey,” he said. “I’m having a lot of fun. The weather’s turning out really well.”

If you’re wondering, the Mighty Drunks won their second straight Tier 1 championship at Stick It To Cancer. The Thrashers won the Tier 2 championship, and Kappa Alpha Theta won the Women’s bracket.

And the hot dogs were pretty damn good. Because they’re hot dogs. They’re always good.

Photos: 2016 Stick It To Cancer at UBC. Courtesy of Connor Mackay, Delta Kappa Epsilon – Phi Alpha Chapter.


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List of sponsors for the Stick It To Cancer fundraiser at UBC:

List of Sponsors for the Scott Trapp Stick It to Cancer Memorial Hockey Tournament

The photos below are from Stick It To Cancer’s 2015 event, also held at UBC:

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