Steeler Resolve: Have the Pittsburgh Faithful Lost Their Faith?


You know what the greatest thing about the Pittsburgh Steelers is, and has always been?

Belief. Belief in themselves. Belief from their fans. Steeler Nation is always united. They talk about their defence like it’s the Trojan Wall. Their quarterbacks are matinee idols and folk heroes, despite questionable sexual tactics.

Doubt? That’s for Balitmore. Self-pit? Sorry, San Fran. And, Dallas… you’re nothing anymore.

But, what happens when Pittsburgh loses faith in itself? What happens when Polamalu gets a little slower, and his hair a little less thick? What happens when Big Ben becomes the Big Frustrated, or when James Harrison halts his own momentum and not opposing quarterbacks?

This happens:

“The good news is Pittsburgh still controls its own fate and will be in the postseason with two straight victories at Heinz Field against the Bengals and Browns to end the regular season,” wrote Behind the Steel Curtain‘s Anthony Defeo on Monday.

“The bad news is the Steelers simply show no signs of being able to put two solid games together in-order to capture the sixth and final playoff spot in the AFC.”