Sportsnet: Yea, So, There’s Going To Be An NHL Lockout

Here’s the deal: nobody can report the What if? or What will happen? stories surrounding the almost-sure-to-be-a-thing 2012 NHL lockout.

It’s coming. It’s happening. According to Sportsnet’s Scott Morrison, “Well, yea.”

Charming and eloquent.

If you’re really opposed to the lockout and you feel that Gary Bettman will actually listen to you – even though he’s often refused to listen to common sense – you can sign Janne Makkonen’s petition at

Apparently, the petition needs 1,000 signatures. However, it’s unclear what will happen when that mark is inevitably hit.


In other news, Maple Leafs general manager has once again been able to steal the spotlight in September, regardless of whether or not hockey is a real thing anymore.

Burkie – as he’s known to both his friends and enemies – was incensed that the Leafs were voted the worst franchise in sports by ESPN in their Ultimate Team Rankings.

“I don’t think ESPN knows a single thing about hockey,” he said, according to Yahoo! Sports and a ton of others. “I think their hockey coverage stinkes. I don’t think they know anything about Canada. I don’t think they know anything about hockey.”

So says the general manager of the team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2004.

I don’t think ESPN is listening…