Sports University: Insult 101 Will Be Taught by Brandon Prust and “Big Fat Walrus”


by Puck

Hockey Correspondent and Occasional Shakespeare Character, White Cover Magazine


Do I really need to spend more than 45 seconds on this one? It’s just incredible all around. While I don’t think Gryba should be suspended for laying out Lars Eller in Thursday night’s Sens v. Habs game (if you look at the replay above, Gryba’s shoulder hits Eller’s shoulder, not his head), I have to give it to Brandon Prust for one of the better slap-downs of all-time.

Most people revert to quick one-offs like idiot or loser. “Big Fat Walrus”. That’s top quality stuff, Mr. Prust.

Here’s Ottawa coach Paul MacLean’s quote on his player Gryba’s hit, courtesy of Yahoo! and Puck Daddy:

“(If I’m Eller), I’m really mad at player 61, whoever he is, because he passed me the puck in the middle of the rink when I wasn’t looking,” said MacLean. “That’s always been a dangerous place as far as I know. Ever since I’ve been playing this game, that’s a dangerous place to be — bad things happen.

“I think it’s a hockey play that ended up going badly for Lars Eller.”

Thanks, tips.

Of course, the opposing coach should probably know that Rafael Diaz is “player 61”, but I digress…

And so, here’s Prust, on Paul MacLean:

“Yeah, he already showed enough disrespect over there. So we don’t really care about what that bug-eyed fat walrus has to say.”


Case closed.

And, for our consideration, @americoanton has already shown us what a walrus would look like coaching the Ottawa Senators, and it does look a lot like Paul MacLean

Paul MacLean as Ottawa Senators Big Fat Walrus