Sports University: Alabama, A&M, the Oregon Ducks, and the Day the Top Blew Off the BCS Circus

by Kolby Solinsky
Editor, White Cover Magazine


Imagine my surprise, seven days into a fast and then faster tour of Amsterdam’s coffee houses and Paris’s surprisingly kind-of-cheap desserts, to finally get Internet access for only the fourth and difth time and I see that, My God, Alabama lost?

Or, is it ‘?!?’

What’s even more shocking is the Oregon Ducks have climbed into the top slot. Now, while White Cover Magazine has lobbied hard for the Pac-12’s finest, we’re still reserving judgment on them, Kansas State, Bama, and Notre Dame. Between the four teams, who is really the best?


“Sports University: The Oregon Ducks and the BCS Championship” — White Cover Magazine (Nov. 1, 2012)


So, who’s Number One?

Surely, Alabama has something to say about it… still. They lost one game, but most have. Oregon has been the most unblemished to date, but games against Stanford, Oregon State and whoever they meet in the Pacific conference championship could either alter their perfect record or at least toy with their fragile dominance.

Again, I’ve lobbied hard for them, but I was lobbying for them to get into the championship. Now, with Alabama being the oddest odd man out since James Bond just sat and watched from the sidelines at his prom (*let’s just assume it happened), I must admit that my world has been thrown a little off-kilter.

Kansas State has looked as strong as the Ducks. They were not, of course, ranked as high coming into 2012, which made their asscension for the No. 2 spot — which they still hold — even more unlikely and perplexing.

Of course, now we’d have to say the shoe fits.

And, what about Notre Dame? Are we all just waiting for them to lose?

Like them or love them, you’d have to admit that the Fighting Irish are just getting in the way. They’re making this whole process very messy.

Four teams, and neither can claim any kind of ‘V’ over another, regardless of their records or whetherthey end with a ‘1’ or a ‘0’.

Ah, what the Hell… Go Ducks?