Sponsored: RareInk Posterizes LeBron James’s Posterization of Tiago Splitter


by Ballin’ Jones

Hardcourt Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


LeBron James. Legendary, in an instant.

A triple-double wasn’t enough to give the Heat a Game 1 win, but that was nearly the same in 2012, too. In Game 2, James was James and Miami’s supporting cast – from Mike Miller (aka Brooks from The Bachelorette) to Ray Allen – was wholly more MVP-ish than San Antonio’s Big Three. And, with the game already out of reach and decided for South Beach, LeBron blocked Tiago Splitter with the force of 45 Manu Ginobilis. It was everywhere, that moment.

And, in an instant, LeBron was immortalized, which is saying something about a guy who already has more MVPs than the rest of us have teeth.

We’re featured the work of RareInk before, and we write about them like they advertise with us. (They don’t. We just dig the work.)

The morning after LeBron’s block, the California-based firm of Da Vincis had James’s face-melting stuff ready for the canvas:

LeBron James - NBA Finals Block PHOTO

RareInk has a larger ‘2013 Playoffs’ collection, too, which is almost as mouth-watering as a graphic’d-out Instagram account:

Marc Gasol - RareInk PHOTO Steph Curry - RareInk PHOTO Tony Parker - RareInk PHOTO


In case you’re still stuck on the Seattle SuperSonics – as in, in case you’ve been stuck on them for 40 years and are as awestruck as we are that they don’t exist nevermind that they won’t exist again – RareInk has the Emerald City’s collection ready to go, as well…

The photos of Shawn Kemp are pretty damn good. They almost make you forget how his career really ended.

Sonics Collection - RareInk PHOTO 3 Sonics Collection - RareInk PHOTO 2 Sonics Collection - RareInk PHOTO 1