So, TSN is Hurting, Aren’t They?

TSN Main Story - World Juniors Intrasquad Game


It’s Tuesday night. The Knicks have taken down the Nets, thanks to Carmelo’s 45. The NFL is licking its chops from a thrilling Week 14. It’s now Hell or High Water for a rotating cast of annual contenders. It’s December, so there are too many sports in the world.

Hockey is furthest from everyone’s mind. And yet, there was TSN and the World Juniors.

An intrasquad game (i.e. Canada vs. Canada) was splashed across their homepage. The tournament both Canadas were preparing for is half a month away.

The words “WARMUP WINNER” single-handedly sum up both the unimportance of the story and the irony of TSN’s coverage during an NHL lockout. Because, of course, they are not a winner right now.

This is tonight’s top story.

*Does TSN need a new gameplan?