So, the Best Team Didn’t Win the Super Bowl?

Colin Kaepernick Kaepernicking -


by John McNeill

Midwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


The Super Bowl is over, and the same two questions are asked annually at this time:

  1. Do the kids in Africa really get the stuff Nike makes for the losers? (The answer is yes.)
  2. Did the best team win?

The second one is a trendy question. It’s one that should be answered openly but not be taken too seriously or literally. This year, the best team did not win. The 49ers were better in almost every way and at almost every corner of the field. The Ravens were just more desperate and more willing to win. They didn’t let four downs disappear when they shouldn’t have, and they didn’t base their right to win on past victories.

But, if you’re San Francisco, just know you’ll be as favoured to win in 2014 as you were last week.