So, Brian Burke Just Got Fired. What’s Next, Toronto?


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


So, is this why we’re told to manage expectations?

After five seasons, zero playoff appearances, a lot of inflated contracts for players offering minimal payoff — Mikhail Grabovski? Dion Phaneuf? Jonas Gustavsson? Mike Komisarek? Colby Armstrong? Tim Connolly? — and little improvement from top-to-bottom in a team that actually closer to contention under John Ferguson Jr., the Toronto Maple Leafs have fired general manager Brian Burke.

Unless this is Burke attempting a power move on himself, it appears the news is actually real.

And, with respect to James Van Riemsdyk and Morgan Rielly, this is the biggest splash Toronto has made since last season ended.

It’s sounding now like the shot heard round the 1% above the American border, as journalists and media types hail a temporary victory in their ongoing quest against the one general manager who was smarter and more savvy than all of them.

Hooray! We won’t get bullied anymore!

Here’s the following from and Nick Kypreos:

“Nick Kypreos confirmed the news during Hockey Central at Noon.Burke turned down an interview request from Sportsnet earlier this week, but did offer this tweet following the end of the lockout on Sunday:

‘I’m thrilled we will be back on the ice. I regret what our fans have had to sit through. We are grateful for their loyalty and patience.’

“During Burke’s tenure with the team, which began on Nov. 29, 2008, the Leafs failed to make the playoffs.”

Listen, it’s not like the Leafs were a success story under Burke. They’re the only team in the NHL that hasn’t made the playoffs in two Lockouts. (F*ck, even Columbus has.)

They’ve been the worst team in hockey for almost 10 years now, and not even a shift to the greatest general manager in the game (in 2008) came close to fixing the problem.

And, hey, we’ve been both high and low on the guy at White Cover Magazine.

But, still… you’ve got to start your season, like, real soon. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?