Seth Curry Slugs Santa Clara for 31 Points


He sounds like his brother, and he shoots like him, too.

While Duke may be the most polarizing college basketball team in America, they always seem to need help. Every year they’re supposed to crash and burn, they make a run. Every year they’re picked to win it all, they blow it in the second (or first) round. Good thing their ace in the hole – Seth Curry – is well worth the wait.

Curry scored 31 points on Saturday to lead the Blue Devils past Santa Clara, 90-77. The Devils also got a handful from Kevin Poster, who potted 29, but it was far from easy and Duke had to rely on Santa Clara sucking di*k for the final eight minutes to pull it out.

“We’re going to keep playing teams where our game is their season,” said longtime Devils coach and Olympic gold medalist coach Mike Krzyzewski (USA Today). “That’s something that most people never, ever compete against, where you’re always competing against somebody’s best. . At Duke, a lot of teams have free money against us because the story is not us winning — the story is us losing, and that’s the way it’s been for 25 years.”

The unfortunate part is that Curry will have a lot of pressure. The benefit, though, is that it might work out. If it does, history’s on Seth’s side.

His brother, Steph, became a March Madness three-point legend and is now lighting up in a breakout year for the Golden State Warriors. His dad played long enough to have his own cards from Topps.