Russell Wilson is Suddenly the Best Quarterback in the NFL


by Sammy Emerald

Northwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


There was a moment on Sunday. TV cameras caught it. It was just before the Seattle Seahawks mounted the final thrust in their eventually futile comeback against the Atlanta Falcons, and it was just after Russell Wilson had willed his team down the field and than ran a touchdown home to bring the Hawks within 13.

Despite the ample time remaining and their successful drive, every player on Seattle’s bench was sitting down. Dejected. Glum. Void of hope. And, it was Russell Wilson — the youngest play on the roster and the most mature rookie quarterback since, well, ever — who was slapping hands. High-fiving. Picking his teammates up.

This has been the case all season long, and it was the case through three quarters on Sunday in Atlanta, too.

Sidney Rice and Marshawn Lynch had been average. Lynch’s first-half fumble cost Seattle at least a field goal. His second was saved by the endzone. Pete Carroll’s play calling was only made better because the little 5’9 Choo-Choo train with a #3 on his newly tailored Nike slim fit jersey was running the offense.

In one afternoon, Russell Wilson advanced even further down his road to a franchise player.

Of course, he already is one. He made Matt Ryan look like a boy scout. His 385 yards and three total touchdowns made him look like the Cam Newton we all thought Cam Newton could be.

“Sometimes, as an athlete, you define yourself in a losing effort,” wrote Yahoo! Sports‘ Doug Farrar on Sunday.

“And, in the year of the rookie quarterback, it was the last one standing who may have just done that. Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks came into the 2012 NFL season as a too-short third-round pick who wasn’t expected to start.

“Wilson ended his rookie campaign with two very interesting rookie records — most touchdowns thrown (29, if you count the postseason), and most passing yards in a postseason effort. In the Seahawks’ 30-28 divisional-round loss to the Atlanta Falcons, Wilson threw for 385 yards on 24 completions in 36 attempts, breaking the yardage mark set by Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins in 1937.”

Did you read that? Sammy freakin’ Baugh…

For a franchise continually associated with flakey offensive stars and powderpuff mental states, Seattle needs Russell Wilson. They say he has heart and he plays hard, but it’s so much more than that. He’s just better in almost every way. He’s faster. He’s dynamic. He’s all-world amazing.

He was simply incredible on Sunday. It was the best performance we’ve seen so far in this playoff season, and it will probably hold up the rest of the way. He was calm and composed. He was the only one in control of his own body parts. He was the best player on the field — Red or Neon Green — and it wasn’t even close.

He’s Russell Wilson, man. There’s nobody better right now.