Roberto Luongo Is Still a Vancouver Canuck. Get Over It.


by Sammy Emerald

Northwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Yeah, yeah. We know Roberto Luongo is supposed to be in Florida right now. Or Toronto. Or even Philadelphia. We know he agreed to be traded by the Vancouver Canucks, and we know The Province reported that agreement as an official request. We know everyone’s sick of talking about Luongo, but we also know they’re really not.

Fact is, training camp opened today and Luongo was in goal for Vancouver.

When the season kicks off on January 19, he’ll be the greatest backup goaltender in NHL history. And, at the end of the shortened season, there’s a very good chance he’ll still be taking his pre-game strolls around the Seawall to clear his head.

“I don’t feel any pressure here to trade Roberto for any other reason than to improve this hockey team,” said Canucks’ GM Mike Gillis on Sunday. Gillis stood his ground once again, insisting he won’t get anything less than what he’s owed for his All-Star Weekend-raised, Gold medal-winning tender.

“I certainly don’t believe you give away all-star players because of some idea that you’re under pressure because it’s an untenable situation. He’s too good a player for that. We can work with him.”

Canuck fans should be prepared to see the Italian’s locks for quite some time. There may be interest, but not many teams in need of a goaltender are dealing from a position of strength, and most probably think they can go it alone with Roberto’s ridiculous acrobatic ability.

It’s not like Toronto even knows the value of its own players anyway.