Roberto Luongo and Toronto: To Hell With High Water

Now we know.

Roberto Luongo still considers himself a Canuck.

Roberto Luongo never gave Mike Gillis a list of teams.

Toronto tickles his fancy.

Luongo likes Cory Schneider.

And — this is just our opinion — whichever team gets him is one lucky son of a gun.
“I don’t want to speculate on anything because there are a lot of rumours,” he said on Monday at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, B.C. “Obviously, when the time comes and I do have to make a decision we’ll make one with the best interests for myself, the team and all that kind of stuff… But, for now, I think my focus is just on being ready to play no matter where that is.”

Has anybody been more impressive on a personal level than Roberto Luongo this offseason, or last year? He has thwarted off millions – yes, millions – of trade rumours and curtain calls, be it from fans, his own general manager, or the tabloids that masquerade as Vancouver’s daily newaspapers.

He has participated fully in Wyatt Arndt’s Fake Canucks Season 2012.

He has made himself available to interviews apparently every week.

He has handled it all with such aplomb and nobility that it makes you wonder, Do the Vancouver Canucks really want to lose this guy?

Yes. Roberto Luongo: Future Stanley Cup Champion.