Rex Ryan’s On Vacation in The Bahamas. Snore.


by Luther Kinkade

New York Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Look. We get it. People just don’t like Rex Ryan that much.

They find him bombastic. A little arrogant. Annoying. A loud mouth. Cocky, if that adds anything to the description. He’s kind of a bully and he seems a little stubborn. He’s part happy-go-lucky and the rest King Henry VIII on his sixth wife. When seven NFL coaches were fired for disappointing seasons that ended before the playoffs, Ryan wasn’t one of them. Some people didn’t like that. They’re looking for any reason to get on his case.

But, a vacation in The Bahamas? Really, ESPN? Is that what you’ve come to now?

“With the New York Jets organization preparing to begin interviews with general manager candidates, and with his coaching staff in limbo, Rex Ryan is on vacation in the Bahamas, sources confirmed Wednesday night,” America’s foremost sports network wrote on Wednesday evening.

(So glad your sources came through on that one, by the way.)

“Ryan and owner Woody Johnson have come under fire for not being available to discuss the Jets’ disappointing season and the firing of general manager Mike Tannenbaum. Finally, the team announced Wednesday that Ryan and Johnson will conduct a “season ending” news conference — nine days after the season ended.

“By waiting that long, the Jets will be in violation of the league’s media policy, which states that the coach and a team official must conduct a news conference during the week after the season ends. The NFL will look into the matter, a league spokesman said.”

So, to sum up… the Jets have tried to avoid America’s spotlight for the first time in franchise history, and Rex Ryan gets treated like George W. Bush at his Ranch after 9/11.

Thrilling stuff.