Report: Mike Wallace Will End Holdout with the Pittsburgh Steelers

If Mike Wallace does sign, what can we make of the Pittsburgh Steelers? Are they the best franchise in football? In all the cases of players leaving and signing elsewhere, and maybe in the rare case of some blood being traded along with bodies, has any players ever griped or grovelled about the Steelers or the city of Pittsburgh?

Cleveland kicked Kellen Winslow out of town after they fined him for saying that the Browns had a shi*ty rehab centre. Oakland has been knocked more than just a few times for operating out of a garbage facility. The Cowboys are the Cowboys.

We give the Patriots so much credit for their “New England Way” style of play, but the Pats have had their share of slip-ups. They signed Ocho, banned Randy Moss, and tried to turn Albert Haynesworth into a human being, after all.

Pittsburgh? Sure, James Harrison’s a dick and Ben Roethlisberger uses his just a bit too much, but has that ever been brought back to Pittsburgh, as a city or an organization?

Of all James Harrison’s helmet-to-helmet tackles, did Dick LeBeau ever offer him a bounty to follow through? Of Pittsburgh’s last two Super Bowls, were Bill Cowher or Mike Tomlin ever caught spying on opposing teams’ practices?

If you’d like to know who has done either of those things, read the following articles:

1) “Saints still won’t take responsibility,” by ESPN
2) “Sideline Spying: NFL Punches Patriots’ Taping,” by New York Times


Here’s the truth: win or lose, the Pittsburgh Steelers have remained atop the NFL’s pile for a full 40 years.

It’s represented in their loyalty to their players and their coaches, and their (hopeful) ability of bringing back their best receiver in Mike Wallace shows that there’s still plenty of magic in Mr. Rooney’s pen.

After all, like the Bleacher Report said, would any other team have let Chuck Noll roll after he went 1-13 in his first season as Pittsburgh’s head coach?

Say what you will about the Baltimore Ravens and their probably dominance of the AFC North in 2012, but this is still the team to be in the National Football League.