Remember, San Francisco, Aaron Rodgers Is Still the NFL MVP…


by John McNeill

Midwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


If you allow yourself to believe it, Aaron Rodgers is once again the NFL’s MVP.

He won’t win it, no. Adrian Peterson might have ran enough in December alone to take home the honours for a whole season, while Peyton Manning will no doubt grab the Lion’s Share of the votes. He’s a quarterback who came back from injury to lead his team to the AFC’s top seed. No matter his stats, voters have a soft spot for a Hall of Famer on a comeback tour, and Manning’s their guy in 2012.

But, there’s Aaron Rodgers. Steady and stable as ever.

Rodgers once again led the NFL in QB Rating, although he dropped from 122.5 in 2011 to 108.0 this year. With 4,295 yards, Rodgers also quickly elevated himself into not just the MVP discussion for this year alone, but you also wouldn’t be wrong to call him the greatest young pivot of all time.

This weekend, Rodgers and the Packers will head to the quarterback’s home state and home area to take on this childhood San Francisoc 49ers.

Rodgers has matured lately. He’s gotten over his hissy fit with the replacement refs and he’s once again saying the right things.

(via Mike Spofford of

Aaron Rodgers downplayed on Wednesday the whole hometown angle to this week’s playoff game in San Francisco, but he would seem to have his reasons.

“Of course, he talked briefly about attending baseball games as a kid in Candlestick Park and watching on TV the last Packers-49ers postseason game there, the Terrell Owens game 14 years ago.”

And, here’s Rodgers himself, from the same article:

“I think at this point in the season, everybody has a common goal and that’s winning a championship and knowing you kind of have to be selfless, and realize it’s all about that championship.”