Raptors’ Lowry: “We’re Five Feet Under… Going to Fight and Claw and Chip Away To Get Above Ground”

You have to love the frankness. The brashness. The downright kind-of negative optimism that Raptors’ guard Kyle Lowry showed after Toronto’s 21-point loss to their former twins, the Vancouver Memphis Grizzlies.

“We’re not buried, but we’re five feet under.”

That was the line that made the rounds on Wednesday night, after said loss. It was re-posted on every postable posting site out there. SLAM had it. Every Toronto basketball source worth its salt (so, everyone but TSN) had it. Surely, ESPN noticed it.

Hey, it’s a good line.

As The Score aptly summed up, “Great analogy.” Is this a positive spin or a negative spin? Clearly, Lowry disputes the notion that the Raps are dead and gone. That’s what buried is. But, being five foot under — i.e. one tiny inch away from the final thing — isn’t exactly a call for troops.

The positive fellow would hear, “There’s still more fight in this dog.” The other guy would go, “It’s only a matter of time.”

Is this like Al Gore saying, “We’re at the Eleventh Hour” or is it like the BlackBerry 10? (*I’m still not sure with of those is worse.)

The real issue with Lowry saying this, of course, is that he’s one of the guys they count on. To remove himself from the equation — to step back and look at the sick body like one of those people in the Dimetapp commercials — isn’t right. And, Lowry’s been struggling

Of course, that quote is just what we’ve been hearing. Actually, Lowry said more, and it was extremely positive. Just this side of a Larry Fitzgerald Under Armour commercial.

Here’s the full version:

“We’re not dead yet, we’re buried, we’re about five feet under, but we’ve got a team that’s going to fight and claw and chip away and get to two feet, to three feet, and get above ground.”

Gee. Thanks for editing that, Media.