Rapid Reaction: Why the (San Francisco 49ers) Will Win the Super Bowl


by Turner Lavoie

Haight-Ashbury Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Okay, so the Baltimore Ravens deserve this appearance. They’ve worked hard for it. They’ve knocked on the door for years. They’ve been down the road and they’ve bided their time and they’ve put in the extra hours. They lost to New England last year and deserved to win, and they finally got some much-deserved revenge on Sunday at Foxboro. So, good for them. Nice job, Baltimore.

The only problem is, you don’t earn Super Bowls through years of trying or tribulation. You just win them. You can’t always explain why or plan it. You don’t bank on Alex Smith getting injured halfway through a near-perfect season and then having Colin Kaepernick guide the ship through a vicious storm. You can’t predict Frank Gore and LaMichael James each potting a touchdown against Atlanta, or Kaepernick running for 181 against Green Bay at Candlestick.

The 49ers are just very, very good. They’re better than Baltimore. All they have to do is prove it, and they will.