Rapid Reaction: Why the (Baltimore Ravens) Will Win the Super Bowl


by Chesapeake Charlie

Annapolis Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


It can’t end now. What would be the point of today’s 28-13 drubbing of the greatest dynasty in modern professional football if it all just ends without a ring two weeks later? Sure, the San Francisco 49ers are good, but this isn’t about who’s adequate. This is about destiny. It’s about nature. It’s not about Colin Kaepernick’s audacity or the 49ers wining their sixth Super Bowl by default. It’s about Big Ray and Little Ray. It’s about one last championship that nobody saw coming. Those are always the best. Ask the Boston Bruins.

The Baltimore Ravens will win this Super Bowl. They have no choice. They can’t not win it. And, if the only thing standing in their way are the Powderpuff 49ers, it shouldn’t be that difficult.