Quarterback Controversy: Where Does Eli Manning Rank?

On Sunday night, Eli Manning threw for three touchdowns and the New York Giants jumped ahead to 7-4. In that same game, Aaron Rodgers was sacked five times. His team only put 10 points, while Manning’s put up 38.

Earlier in the day, Drew Brees was picked off twice for scores. Brady gets a pass for a 49-10 victory over the New York Jets last Thursday. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning and the Broncos ripped apart the dastardly terrible Kansas City Chiefs.

There are others. Matt Ryan’s playing well. It’s been a good year for Jay Cutler, and sometimes not a good year.

But, really, how good is Eli Manning? Will it take three Super Bowls before we finally sit back and say, “Yeah, Bro. You’re elite. All right? Now, let New England win again, okay?”

Sure, Eli looks like a smelly Charlie Brown character.

Sure, Eli’s the baby to Peyton’s macaw.

Sure, Eli is… just Eli.

Just sayin’.

Regardless, he wins. He’s been winning. He has won, and he continues to. Quarterbacks bob up and down in their own pool every week, and Eli is no different. That’s why we shouldn’t take Rodgers rough game too seriously or consider Brees’s picks anything more than an offense-fueled anomaly.

But, if those guys belong in there, then so does Manning. His win tonight was even more impressive for Giants fans, because homeboy hadn’t thrown a touchdown in three weeks prior. Now, all New Yorkers are watching this team get hot at the right time again, and they’re saying, “Oh yeah. We’ve seen this before.”

So, give Manning his due. Let him swim with the big boys.

You don’t deserve to get relegated to the shallow end just because you look like you can’t swim without water wings.

Or, wait, do you?