Preppy Sports: Notre Dame Uniforms Look So Good With Khakis, Don’t They?


by John William III

A Living Legacy, White Cover Magazine


Today is a big day in Grand Bend, Indiana, and for all the town’s loyal followers.

Fighting Irish supporters have spent the morning watching Rudy, noon spanking it to old Montana highlights, the afternoon shredding all their clothing that is the colour Maroon (that’s how us normal folk pronounce Crimson, Alabama), and spent the early evening finding the right pair of khakis to wear with this navy blue Notre Dame jersey.

(It’s either #5 or #45. Manti Te’o or Sean Astin. Take your pick.)

Notre Dame is a prep school located in a blue collar metropolis. (The irony of that last compound should be evident.) Indiana is the home of craft beer houses and an elite American school. It’s for the rich. It’s for the educated. Those are often one in the same, because poor people can’t often prove they’re educated or intelligent.

The Fighting Irish are also known as a football powerhouse, even though they haven’t won a national championship since 1988, a time so long ago by comparison that college football had an even worse process of choosing a national champion than they do now. (Seriously, they had ties back then. Two teams could share the championship. And, we think we have a bad system now?)

Notre Dame knows this. If it didn’t, Rudy wouldn’t have been a possible storyline.

Tonight, Grand Bend and their suddenly resurrected fan base the chance to prove they are once again the best in the nation. (Seriously, we never knew so many people were there. Why don’t you support them when they’re losing?)

Unfortunately for them, they face a team in Alabama that seems ever so capable of crushing their dream and leaving tread marks on their face.

The Crimson Tide are a serious bunch, and they’ve now had a month to prepare. They had the same odds against LSU last year, and that ended faster than a Taylor Swift romance.

If Notre Dame can even hold this close, they’re show us all they have heart. They don’t even have to win.

But, they want to.

Wasn’t the whole point of Rudy anyway?