Pinch Yourself. The Los Angeles Clippers Are Still the Best.


by Ballin’ Jones

Hardcourt Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


Before you question it, you’ll still have to believe it. So, pinch yourself, because the Los Angeles Clippers are still the best team in the National Basketball Association.

While it seems possible that any team Chris Paul and Blake Griffin would have more than a fighting chance, it’s not really the players or the city. It’s the team. The Clippers have always been a joke, and we’re all still waiting for the shoe to drop. This isn’t the first time they’ve had a good team, after all.

But this year’s Clippers team is different. You can tell they’re completely unaware that they’re supposed to suck. They just don’t talk like it. They don’t talk like Clippers, and they don’t play like them, either.

“We’ll take the win, but we know we can play better,” said Paul on Wednesday night, even after the Clips beat the Dallas Mavericks, 99-93, to remain atop the NBA’s Western Conference, and atop the entire league.

“We came out a little flat, but it’s not going to be merry every night. It’s a good win for us to grit it out and fight it out against a tough team.”

“It wasn’t a very productive game,” echoed head coach Vinny Del Negro, who won his 100th game for Los Angeles against Dallas. “We weren’t as consistent as we need to be. We had so many turnovers it was hard to get a rhythm offensively. When we’re struggling offensively, we got to lock down defensively.”

Sh*t. Can someone get the real Clippers for us, please?

Or, at least, get the real Lakers?