Parkour: Ryan Doyle Tears Up Ruins in Jordan

Was 127 Hours or the closing scene from Quantum of Solace not enough for you? Do you still dig the view of a desert-plated surface and a man with a fetish for adrenaline?

Will you admit that extreme athletes do most of our jobs better than we do? Head down to your local skatepark and watch 13-year-olds filming their buddies with the kind of professionalism and excellence that your city’s news team could only dream of. Watch Ryan Doyle Travel Story on Red Bull’s YouTube channel – or Billy Connolly traverse America – and remind yourself that you, as a journalist, are not as good of a journalist as someone who just does it for fun, or in their spare time, or occasionally for a little bit of money.

Did you know that Jordan is the best place in the world for Parkour?

It might be. Check out the video above.

*NOTE: The scene where Doyle is leaping from rooftop to rooftop on the abandoned, ancient castle would make King Louie from Jungle Book quake into his orange fur.