Oh, Great. Another BCS Championship for Alabama. Right?

Forgive me if I sound… too obvious.

But, with little time (basically none) remaining on the 2012 season, Alabama sits at Dos. Notre Dame has a firm hold on Uno, without being challenged. Okay, like, really challenged. The Fighting Irish have been impressive from time-to-time, no doubt.

But, what happened last year? Were the LSU Trojans not favoured heading in? Had they not beaten Alabama earlier in the year (something that not even Notre Dame has done)? Had they not run the table, just like ND (will barring an odd setback against USC on Saturday)?


“If Auburn made LSU sweat, and LSU made Alabama sweat, why won’t Iron Bowl be close?” — Al.com (Nov. 23, 2012)


And, so… after all the posturing and the potentially incredibly fresh matchups that could have been our escape from Nick Saban’s smug, Blind Side-born smile or those boring white number on Alabama’s helmets, we have another ‘Bama ready to walk away with the national championship.

(*They call their uniforms “Crimson Tide” but, really, they’re just red. Aren’t they? How vanilla is that? It’s like seeing Phil Dunphy ride a motorcycle.)

Notre Dame vs. Alabama.

The experts against the upstarts.

Isn’t that just perfect? Won’t the whole nation be cheering for the Irish, just like they cheered for Butler against Duke? Just like they cheered for Arizona against Pittsburgh?

2013 will bring a new national champion, but only because this is college and every school has a new team… every year.

Alabama are the 2013 national champions.