Now Showing: Peter Berg’s ‘King’s Ransom’ (ESPN 30 for 30)

On Thursday night, TSN aired the very first ESPN 30 for 30 documentary, Peter Berg’s King’s Ransom. At the time of its showing – in 2009 – the movie picked up little steam. It was Canadian, after all. But, those who knew it was coming, and those who cared, flocked to it and spread it. They told their friends. They wrote about it. It was – and is – phenomenal.

Now, looking back and knowing how big 30 for 30 got, Canadians should be proud to know that it was Wayne Gretzky and the game of hockey – their game of hockey – that started the whole thing.

Even if it did chronicle one of the darker moments in Canadian sports history.

(*You can watch the full movie above. Enjoy.)