No Winter Classic: The NHL Needs to Get Real

“As I read through another self-righteously indignant news release from NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr, it struck me that the NHL’s players and the equally self-righteous and indignant owners truly exist in a kind of bubble.

“Now, it might be comfy and warm in there, but it’s about time for a little reality to intrude.”


Scott Burnside’s not wrong. Every time we hear Gary Bettman’s voice — monotone even though his head is constantly bobbling — or see Bill Daly’s little smile, or listen to another long-range arrow flung from Donald Fehr and the NHLPA, you can picture the flags and the doobies dropping as more and more of the once-entertained crowd walks away from Woodstock and says, “Ah, to Hell with this!”

Forget centre stage, the NHL is just another guy with a Jerry Garcia shirt and a bandana who can’t move forward into tomorrow.

Peace and Love is over. The Winter Classic will be cancelled, most likely Thursday (tomorrow). It’s time to get real about what either of you want, and don’t talk to us¬†again until you do.

Or, as Burnside says…

“The questions, like most of what passes for negotiations now, are rhetorical.

“Instead, the only thing that’s real is the disappearance of the one event the players and owners should have done everything in their power to save.

“Now, back to your bubble. Hope you enjoy the view.”