No Fiesta: Oregon and Kansas State Are Set to Finish a Somber Season


by Kolby Solinsky

Biased Oregon Beat Writer, White Cover Magazine


Fiesta means party, but neither Oregon nor Kansas State have much to celebrate tonight.

No matter who wins, it won’t be a joyous affair. Sure, they’ll get their hats. The Nike logo will be slapped horizontally on the back, with a large 2013 Fiesta Bowl Champions emblem on the front. But, each team will know they should have won the big game. Each team knows they could have been playing against Notre Dame, or Alabama, or each other in the BCS Championship in Florida on Monday.

When it’s all over, this result will seem as carbon copied as that EA Sports simulation up top.

“It’s the Regret Bowl,” wrote ESPN’s Ted Miller on Thursday, on the site’s College Football Nation Blog. “The What Might Have Been Bowl. It’s the Can the Mayans Make the Apocalypse Take Out Only Nov. 17 Bowl.”

Oregon has the best offence in the country. They flexed it often, and they even showed mercy. They often rested their starters in the second half of their games. Quarterback Marcus Mariota, running back Kenjon Barner, and all-around stud athlete De’Anthony Thomas racked up yards like McDonald’s collects grease bins.

Oregon only lost one game and it was to Stanford — the same team that just won the Rose Bowl. But, Oregon doesn’t get a pretty seat in the BCS Championship.

One-loss Alabama? Of course they do. They’re Alabama. They’re the Green Bay Packers of college football. An untouchable almighty presence with a history and a hell of a coach who died a long time ago. Lombardi and Bear Bryant. Tied at the hip.


“Grantland: Is Alabama and Notre Dame the End of an Endless Era?” — White Cover Magazine (Nov. 27, 2012)


And then there’s Kansas State. The Wildcats were not supposed to be in the conversation, but they certainly were. Only when Collin Klein went down did they look vulnerable.

They’re potent offensively and purebred stalwarts defensively.

(quotes via ESPN)

“I think this is the best two teams in the nation in this game right here,” said Kansas State receiver Chris Harper, who transferred from Oregon. “I know Notre Dame and Alabama have their game, but I think this is the best matchup.”

This game tonight is about righting wrongs than can’t be righted. Both clubs said goodbye to their 2012 seasons on November 17, the night they both blew their shot at a BCS Championship.

The winner gets the merchandise. The loser will roll their eyes.