NMA TV Takes On Houston, Jeremy Lin, and James Harden

So, Jeremy Lin and James Harden – two cast-offs of both the Broadway Beat and Basketball-Mad Oklahoma – are now members of the Houston Rockets, which lets that city thankfully continue its long trend of being the place you turn to when you can’t trust its Big Brothers.

You know, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Chicago… Oklahoma, too?

Houston has long been the fourth place in America, and not just in population. (But, really, did you know it was the fourth biggest city in the States?) The Rockets’ two straight NBA championships in the mid-90’s have been disregarded as “Titles Without Michael Jordan in the NBA” and Hakeem Olajuwon’s accomplishments are stuck in some kind of Narnia dreamworld where nothing but tales of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird escape.


“In Houston, Jeremy Lin and James Harden Plot Revenge on the NBA” – The Atlantic (Nov. 1, 2012)


And so, what would Houston fans love more than another (only rumoured-about) rivalry?

According to the animation experts at the not-at-all-exaggerated Taiwanese channel NMA.TV, Harden did his best to outshine Lin and his Insanity in the Rockets’ debut. Harden scored 37 points and added 12 assists, and is getting paid $80 mill, bro.

Just a note… when you score 37 points and toss out 12 dimes in your debut with any team, aren’t you overshadowing EVERYbody?

(*Of course, USA Today wrote the same thing.)