NMA.TV Grills Tim Tebow and the New York Jets


Whenever the Taiwanese use their little animated but accurate cartoon figurines to re-enact North American moments and controversial topics, we laugh.

It’s funny. The Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot. The Vancouver stripper schools for girls. The Vancouver Chinese mines. Hell, they just don’t like British Columbia over there. (Of course, they let Vancouverites off easier than they did Cathay Pacific Airlines. That was one of their better coups.)

So, when NMA.TV (that’s Next Media Animation) gave us their opinion of Tim Tebow’s now-closing career arc in New York… well, we watched.

Tebow is finally standing up for himself after having an entire year of his NFL career wasted by coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets and his image tarnished by a series of malicious leaks to the media from within the Jets football organization,” wrote NMA.TV on their website. Hell of an intro.

Tebow made a mistake when Denver let him choose to be traded to the Jets instead of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jets owner Woody Johnson is a Tebow fan and gave up two draft picks plus cash for Tebow. But Rex Ryan doesn’t like being told what to do, so he’s sticking it to Woody by not playing Tebow.

“Whatever you think about Tebow, he doesn’t deserve this.”

Well, now we know that they think, at least.


“In Defence of Tim Tebow” – White Cover Magazine (October 25, 2012)


Of course, all signs point to Tebow being a Jaguar by the beginning of next season. He’ll get his chance to prove himself one last time, and with his third team in three years.

Still, Tebow’s a lucky man. Sure, some people hate him, but the rest of live him.

After all, will Blaine Gabbert receive this much sympathy?