NFL Draft: Revisiting Tom Brady’s Draft, and a 199th Overall Hall of Famer

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08/28/09

by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine

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“This game is a struggle. Tom Brady embraced that struggle more than anybody I’ve ever known.” – Lloyd Carr, former head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, 1995-2007

Anyone who hates Tom Brady, they probably haven’t seen this.

Of course, you don’t hate Tom Brady. You just might hate him in the “sports” sense, because he’s the quarterback of the New England Patriots and he’s won three Super Bowls and he’s the apple of much of America’s eye… and he wears stuff like this now. Brady is matinee, like the Yankees or the Habs or the Cowboys, ironically because he doesn’t play for the Cowboys. At all. But he’s big time and he’s popcorn, and people tend to push against the establishment – and Tom Brady is an establishment in the NFL now, the guy Peyton Manning fans have never been able to come around to because, of course, they refuse to admit he’s just flat-out better than Peyton. And because he hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 2004, Brady is supposedly old news… until he wins his next one, which he will.

But if you watch the Brady 6, a tremendous short documentary from ESPN – and if you watch it today, the second day of the NFL Draft – you see a new side of Brady, the side Brady himself has always seen.

Seeing him cry about being dropped to pick No. 199 is odd. What would Tom Brady have to cry about? We say that knowing what he is now and what he became only a year or two after the Patriots took him in the sixth round.

But seeing him talk about the six quarterbacks taken ahead of him and how much he knows about them still, and seeing him talk about the 0-8 high school team he led, and seeing him basically dissect everything around him going back to when he was a tyke… those are the moments that make you sit back and chuckle and say, “Well, he’s pretty darn cool.”