NBA 2013: Fearful Predictions and a Whole New Ballgame

You may have noticed a slight tweak to White Cover‘s coverage. Mainly, more NBA… less NHL.

This is partly intentional, and partly forced. Of course, there is no NHL… so, go basketball. And then, really, the NBA has kicked it up a notch. Certainly for us, at least. The Toronto Raptors have a center for the first time since… ever. The Brooklyn Nets have a team that has been subjected to racial epithets. The Heat finally won. The Thunder are still searching. Jeremy Lin and The Beard are in Houston. And, there’s the Lakers… of course.

So sorry, NHL but, until you understand the capitalist concept of supply and demand that dominates the rest of the free world, we’ll follow the NBA.

On Monday, CBS Sports released its 2012 NBA season predictions. This is an exercise in keeping up with the Basketball Joneses, after all, because CBS’s Ken Berger predicted a Finals between the Lake Show and Miami.


You couldn’t give us a little creativity?

We get it. That’s the easy pick. You’ll probably be right.

But, what’s the point in your prediction?

Of course, Berger adds in some spicy language, like the opening line, “The 2011-12 NBA season was far better than it deserved to be.” Little ditties like this are intended to give flavour to an otherwise bland prediction.

It’s like sprinkling some seasoning on chicken and calling it “Peri Peri” or wearing a ballcap with a suit.

You think it looks fresh but, really, it only entrenches for self-consciousness.

Now, nobody is picking on Berger here. At least, not with any malice or foresight. After all, he probably reverted to common sense in this pick. He may have even been told, “Hey, I’m your Editor. Write me a blog on why the Lakers and Heat will meet in the Finals. And, uh, insult David Stern while you do it.”

That, of course, is the problem with mainstream media’s adoption of the term BLOG. In their eyes, a blog is just a column that can be read over rap music or Avicii. They don’t understand the pull of a blog, or the essence of it.

Now, when you go to CBS Sports or NBC or Yard Barker or FOX Sports, you’re left to decipher the difference for yourself.

We all have opinions. It doesn’t mean we should water down everyone else’s.

Our call?

The Portland Trail Blazers from the West, and the Milwaukee Bucks from the East.

Just you wait and see…