MSNBC: Barack Obama “Had His Head Down” in First Presidential Debate

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Is “incredible passive” the best way to sum up Barack Obama’s performance last night?

The crew at Morning Joe said so, on early Thursday. Joe Scarborough likened Obama’s performance to a conversation you’d have with your boys at Chili’s. Frothing MSNBC mouth Chris Matthews said he “had his head down,” and he wasn’t just being literal.

It was like Obama was an old person driving a Florida Buick, with his hat and knuckles peeking over the wheel.

Willie Geist, however, had perhaps the best line(s) to sum up the debate and – really – the hope it should give Americans who have witnessed over a year of nasty, name-calling politics:

“For all the talk about zingers… he came with information, we’ve made complaints that this campaigns been about nothing. That was an incredibly substantive debate. You had two smart guys with very different visions for America.

“I got the sense, though, the President was not ready for this Mitt Romney… in terms of pure debating, he out-debated the President.”

Well, yeah. That’s a pretty good treatment.