Minnesota, Meet Joe Webb. He Has to Beat the Green Bay Packers.


by John McNeill

Midwest Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


If you know anything about Joe Webb, then shut up. Nobody wants to hear it. Bob Costas already told us he was fast. That’s enough. We want the Vikings’ win (or loss) to be a surprise (or, not a surprise). At this point, Minnesota has an excuse to lose. His name is Joe Webb. And, Minny needs that excuse to exist for its own survival. They already have to go against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in the playoffs, an adversity the Vikings have only overcome once.

And now, we learn, they’ll have to do it without starting quarterback Christian Ponder, who was announced inactive before Saturday’s Wild Card matchup.

Automatically, the focus will jump to Adrian PetersonCan he run for 200 yards again? What about 199 yards? We’ll take that. Well, it’s probably too late for that. Peterson could run for 300 yards and it won’t matter.

Right now, the game comes down to Joe Webb. It comes down to his speed (again, that’s all we know about him) and about how he meshes his body into the web of amazingness that has been the Minnesota Vikings’ shocking success this season. They get their points from nowhere, and Adrian Peterson has led the caboose, but — remember — he’s still along for the ride.

The Packers have always had the upper hand, even with Ponder in the lineup. They are the Packers, after all, and not even Brett Favre shi*ting on the grave of Vince Lombardi can change that. (It will happen. I promise. It has to.)

Aaron Rodgers is still the NFL’s Golden Boy, even if he’s kind of a whiner.

The Vikings are still the Powderpuff Purple People Eaters, even if their defence as actually quite decent.

Really, nothing has changed with Ponder’s injury. Nothing changes for Adrian Peterson, who would have had to lead his team to a win anyway.

It’s only changed for Joe Webb. He’s the X Factor, and he’s already got the gig. He needs to shock the world just to win a playoff game on the road.

But, seriously… no pressure.