Michael Vick is Faster Than LeSean McCoy. This is News in Philadelphia.


by Kolby Solinsky

Editor, White Cover Magazine


I first heard it on Jim Rome, and I thought he was onto something. Then, I read it, like, everywhere else, and I realized it was like most things Jim Rome talks about — already obvious.

Fact is, LeSean McCoy likes to jab Michael Vick. Well, McCoy likes to jab everybody, including replacement referees. Vick has shut up him before — courtesy of a standing dunk in 2009 — and he shut him up again as the Eagles prepare for the 2013/14 season, apparently outracing the stud (fantasy) running back in a foot race by something like five yards.

Five yards.

In the words of Donovan Bailey, “We should run this race over again so I can kick his ass one more time.”

The great thing is, Michael Vick is still very fast.

The other great thing is, LeSean McCoy finds fun in tough situations:

Those tough situations, of course, are being an offensive leader on a team that has done nothing but sh*t the bed for the past two seasons.

The troubling thing?

If this is the most important thing happening around the Eagles right now, I don’t think a third time’s a charm in Philadelphia.


The only thing for Vick to beat now is a greyhound… oh, right… whoops.