Miami vs. Toronto: Will Bud Selig Screw Canada Over Again?

Here we go again.

With the Toronto Blue Jays finally ready to launch their selves into relevance for the first time since 1993 (and, really, ever), only Bud Selig and an unhappy collection of Miami Marlins fans stand in the way.

After all is said and done — after Toronto has offloaded a few youngsters and their soul for the high-priced, possible heroics of Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, and Jose Reyes — it could all be vetoed. It could all be blown up in the same nasty, corrosive, legacy-tainting smoke that Selig inhales for sustenance. The same kind of self-created dogma that Mr. Bud has used to lull us all into not firing him for the Public Good and the American Collective was in full swing on Thursday, when the Commish tried to make us all believe that any kind of blockage of the biggest Toronto-led trade in 20 years was just part of the process.

(HINT: It’s only part of the process if the beneficiary is Canadian.)

“So, when I say I have this matter under review and I’ve talked to a lot of our people and I’ve spent a lot of time here in between all the other meetings — this is a tough place to do it — that’s exactly what I mean,” said Selig in the same around-the-mulberry-bush fashion he’s always had. “It’s under review. I am aware of the anger, I am. I’m also aware that in Toronto they’re very happy.”

Yes, Florida fans are mad. A year ago, they were promised Jose Reyes, the return of Hanley Ramirez, the possibility of Albert Pujols, and the coaching of Latino band leader Ozzie Guillen, along with closer Heath Bell.

Now? 0-for-5.

So, what if Florida is angry? Honestly, who cares?

The fans will be pissed whenever their franchise is shipped off for ‘the future’, just like Sons get pissed whenever Dad sells their Corvette.

But, really, so what?

If this was any other team but Toronto, would this even be considered?

Hasn’t Selig done enough to Canada’s baseball heritage?

Miami is not the only city to host a completely sh*t owner, or manager, or franchise. Yes, they suck. (They also may have just gotten better, but they won’t listen to that, will they?)

Miami is mad. Isn’t that just baseball? Isn’t this sport? Didn’t Jeffrey Loria have a choice?

Again, so what?