Melo, Melo, Melo: Can the New York Knicks Finally Win an NBA Title?


Another 45 points, on top of the absurd amount he already has in 2012. Counting the Olympics, it would be astronomical.

Carmelo Anthony has been one of the NBA’s best scorers since he came in, but it could never outweigh the cons. At least, the seeming cons. There were those who said he was spoiled. Selfish. Not a team player. (Those are a premium in a game that only allows five of you on the court at one time.)

And, really, there was evidence. He demanded a trade from Denver. The Nuggets were good and the Knicks sucked. It was boiled down to a, “He’d rather play in New York” kind of argument. Fair enough. (Rick Reilly was upset, too. Notify the authorities.)

If Paris was available, Melo would have been in Jay-Z and Kanye’s video. Now, he’s on the opposite bench. And, he’s thriving.

On Tuesday night, Melo and the Knicks erased a 17-point deficit to defeat their new nemesis, the Brooklyn Nets, by a final score of 100-97. The selfish one is suddenly an MVP. Meanwhile, the guy he was said to have destroyed via internal combustion (you know, Jeremy Lin) is siphoning rocket fuel out of Houston’s ass.

Even worse for those who like to see the Knicks crash and burn (i.e. everyone) is that Melo seems to have changed his ways. At least, with Jason Kidd playing point guard.

“He told me, ‘Let’s play through you,'” Kidd said after New York’s defeat of the Nuggets on Monday. Yes, those Nuggest.

“Coach wanted to play through Carmelo, but Carmelo was like, ‘No, I want to play through Jason.’ I think that’s the greatest compliment a teammate can get.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy Lin is enjoying the same thing every sophomore does. A slump.