LIVE BLOG! The Season 4 Premiere of ‘Community’ (Chang Included)


by Connor Foote

Lotus Land Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


-0:01: Here it is… the moment we’ve waited for since last October, and then last June before that… the moment that seems to happen over and over again every year and multiple times a year… because, after all, this is Community… the cast is controversial (solely because of Chevy Chase) and NBC has a historical tendency of rejecting their own brilliance… Oh, I’ll shut up… It’s here.

0:00: A laugh track parody to open Season 4. It’s a home run.

0:02: I’ve always been an Annie over Britta guy but, now that Gillian Jacobs is rocking the Tina Fey glasses, I’m not so sure.

0:04: “It hasn’t progressed progressed. It’s progressive.”

0:04: The first appearance of The Dean. He’s climbed the Power Rankings and now sits atop all seven study groupers.

0:05: I’m not realizing just how hard it will be to Live Blog a 30-minute comedy show, especially one with as many jump cuts and inside jokes as Community

0:06: Jeff tells the folks he’s graduating early. “Can’t stay at Greendale forever,” or something of the sort, and Abed doesn’t know how to cope with it. I know it’s a direct and intentional reference to how we — the audience — won’t be able to cope with it and how we’ll always treat every episode this season like it’s the show’s last… but, still, I’m tearing up a little.

0:07: Abed’s devising a plan. Is an Evil Abed introduction in the works? Personally, I thought that storyline was pretty irrelevant, but I thought the different timelines bit added some potential to the show. They’ve backed themselves into such a corner creatively — as in, they have to brilliant all the time now because we expect it of the show — that the creators have to keep finding new portals and meta-ish universes on the horizon.

The different timelines thing is that exactly.


0:10: Before tonight’s episode, I thought the Hunger Games rip-off would be a little… terrible. Of course, it’s not, but the show’s analogies and parody episodes aren’t normally so obvious or branded by name. They turned Goodfellas into a Chicken Fingers Racket and they turned the documentary Hearts of Darkness into a Greendale Commercial starring Luis Guzman.

Still, I can’t wait to see who wins the Hunger Deans…

0:12: How long will it take them to dissolve this Britta/Troy thing? Can it last?

0:14: As Britta chokes Troy in a coin fountain, he yells, “Why does this feel good?”

… best line, so far.

0:15: Fat Neil just got the crap beat out of him. #Enjoyable

0:16: I just realized that Dean Pelton is dressed like Jennifer Lawrence’s character, not the actual ruler of Panem. #Brilliance

0:17: One of Community‘s strongest attributes has been its ability to really and deeply analyze serious issues and problems with comedy and alternate storyline. For example, Abed seems like an immature kid losing his grip with reality, or like someone who’s just far too obsessed with TV. Of course, he really has Asperger’s, and they were up front about that in Episode 1 of Season 1.

0:19: This Greendale Babies cartoon jump has blown my mind. There are so many layers… I feel like I’m watching Inception.


0:22: And, here we go… they’re all mentally regressing together.

0:23: Now that we’re just hearing from Abed and Jeff has given up on his Ice Cream class, I realize I want more Hunger Games jokes… and more Dean, more Leonard, and at least on Chang sighting.

0:24: “When they were incepting, I got their balls,” says a happy Leonard. And, now, I’m happy.

0:25: Annnnnnnnnnnnnd the Dean is Jeff’s new neighbour. Even as they all separate, they stay together. I’m loving this.

0:26: A naked Ben Chang appears at a post office and gives a man a note saying, “Hello, My name is Kevin. I have Changnesia.”

You know that moment in every Solitaire game when you suddenly see all the moves just fall together right in front of you? This is that moment. Chang is back. The Dean is Jeff’s neighbour. Abed’s still crazy. Pierce is relevant again. Not a bad Season Premiere.


0:29: The end credits are already rolling… One of the great things about Community is that it’s a show which has gotten popular almost entirely on the Internet. One of the worst things about Community, though, is that I’m not satisfied with 22 minutes a week. I need it On Demand — on my Netflix – all the time. All the time.