Lit, Remixed: Here’s What the Los Angeles Lakers Were Reading in 2010


by Ballin’ Jones

Hardcourt Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


These are the stories I love. Lit mixes with the world of sports. GQ can’t keep up (because they don’t actually read), and Metta World Peace (oh, Hell, it’s Ron Artest) stands out above the rest of the flock.

The L.A. Lakers have been the public’s punchline for much of Twenty-Thirteen. The fact that 2010’s version of Phil Jackson was keeping track of their reading habits can only increase that scrutiny, even if it’s pretty damn cool.

I can only assume Steve Nash isn’t on this list because he’s just too well-read and the Zen Master doesn’t worry about him. (Well, and because this story is from 2010, which I just realized.) And, I do find Adam Morrison’s reading of Che Guevara’s biography pretty entertaining, if only because I imagine Che getting shot in Bolivia while Gus Johnson screams HEART. BREAK. CITY! in the background.

The following image and this story have been concocted and presented by Andy Kamenetzky of ESPN and “the Tweeting action of Jeanie Buss”:

L.A. Lakers Reading List - Metta World Peace and Kobe Bryant -