LeBron James Tops NBA’s Jersey Sales: Which Uniform Should You Buy?

The most infuriating thing about LeBron James’ decision was that we all knew it would eventually be like it is now. We knew it would somebody be okay to go back in the water. We knew he’d win a championship. We knew the debate would eventually shift back to “Better than Jordan?” and not “Is there a big dickhead in the NBA?” We knew nobody would care about Cleveland, if they ever did. We knew Miami would be on top of the world. We knew he’d win Olympic gold, and we knew business would be just fine for LeBron James.

When Ohio folk were burning his jersey on Euclid Avenue, he seemed ever-so calm. He told us it would blow over. Of course, we believe him.

So, welcome to that day. Once again, LeBron’s jersey sales have topped the league. He’s the king of its business. He’s the most marketable and the most profitable.

Amazing, isn’t it? One day, they’re burning it. The next, you’re rolling in it.

As the Washington Post reports, James was fourth in jersey sales in April. Maybe he wasn’t “American” enough yet. Of course, he was first in April, 2011.

“It’s an hono(u)r to be No. 1,” he said on Wednesday. Really moving.

Of course, he wouldn’t notice it. It will come in straight-to-debit deposits. It will just flow into the empire he already has, and all the steam has officially become a thing of the past. How long ago does 2010 seem now? It’s almost silly to imagine what we were even fighting about.

Some people still can’t let go.

A lot of NBA fans take great pride in calling him a flopper. He is one, yes. But, Business Insider has taken the initiative to make a it a news story whenever he does.

Boston’s still mad at Ray Allen for joining.

And, there are still those reports that LeBron returning to Cleveland isn’t out of the question. Really? I mean, the question before was over whether he should leave Cleveland, not go to Cleveland. He has no ties there anymore. Why would he go back? Why would anyone?