#JohnnyFootball: CBS Presents their Early College Football 2013 Top 25


by Mr. Coach Klein

Bayou Correspondent, White Cover Magazine


We love CBS Sports. Not really. There’s no reason to. They’re just like us, and everyone else, but today we love them. Why? Because it only took them seven days to post their Top 25 for next fall’s marathon session of college football, complete with controversial rankings and a loaded SEC (kind of).

No maybe not much surprise, the Texas A&M Aggies are ranked No. 1, no doubt because of their Heisman winner and now sophomore quarterback, Johnny Manziel. This is a predictable but silly reasoning, although writer Dennis Dodd won’t be the last to be tempted by Manziel’s ability.

“I am ashamed of the runaway media train… out of the blue, just off a couple of hot games… (to elect) Johnny Football this year’s Heisman Trophy winner,” said Skip Bayless, a member of the runaway media train.

Simply put: picking a No. 1 team based on a Heisman candidate (even if he’s won) is rash and temporary. Look at what happened to USC this year

Alabama should still be No. 1, but everybody knows this. Dodd even admitted it, too, but said he had to go with the Aggies because it would be just too boring to pick Alabama again.

Boredom. That often ruins Top 25 polls. You can’t put Alabama at 1, or the Penguins at 1, because it’s too predictable. It’s too easy. It’s like saying cheese is your favourite pizza, Superman is your favourite hero, or The Godfather is your favourite movie.

Boredom is ruining Oregon, too, who are ranked at No. 5 despite being what most people can cal the second-best team from 2012. Stanford’s at No. 3 and Ohio State is at No. 4.

Wow. Suddenly, Ohio State is like Denard Robinson’s arm. It’s become trendy to go against the grain with them. Of course, they did go perfect in 2012. Not bad for a team not allowed to play in a bowl game.


“LaMichael James is a Legit NFL Running Back” — White Cover Magazine (Jan. 13, 2012)


The real storyline of next year will be to see how the SEC — and, therefore, the teams that have always benefitted from being in a conference with a stronger schedule and tougher opponents — handles competition from other conferences.

Many have been revamped, while others were just always underrated.

The PAC-12 is one such conference. For whatever reason, the West Coast’s tableau has become a punch line. Like the Canadian Loonie, critics were so used to making fun of it that they didn’t know what else to do when it got stronger.

Last year, the PAC-12 featured easy standouts like Oregon and Stanford, but also former No. 1 USC, Oregon State, Washington, UCLA, and Arizona State. Every one of them popped into the Top 25 at some point last season. All of them — as well as Arizona — finished over .500.

So, what gives?

Will it change this year?